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Is it just about the medals?

seems I'm surrounded by creativity these days
yet once again the words so difficult it seems
that it is for them to come
looking for some deeper meaning
when it seems all there is
is winning and nothing else
here I am at a loss for words
when I spend most of my days
being ridiculously witty
for a less than receptive audience
not much of an audience for the words on these pages anyway
could just go
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
or turn on a game and space out
wishing the money could have been spent
on stuff I'm much better at
still I rooted for my team
and the best of the best in the Olympic realm
proud to be a Canadian
who is free to be who he needs to be
in the land of the free where freedom abounds
I'm starting to wonder
what the point was to it all
the hard-core partying that brought us all together
that's what everyone is going to remember
when it was all said and done
was it less about the medals and more about the fun?

totally enchanted

being loved
something not to be taken for granted
something some spend their whole lives waiting for
to be loved in a way
that makes everything alright
something some just can't seem to find
maybe you'll be lucky enough
to get to let the love into your heart
maybe he'll be lucky enough
to see it for what it is
something not to be taken for granted
something in the right circumstances
that's nothing less than
totally enchanted