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not just another something left unsaid

thought about bringing
my journal to work
on my break write down
some inspired thought
of course I forgot
chose to space out
find a quiet place in the sun
watch the world go by
feel like I
I'm in a state of transition
just don't make those changes
as easily as I used to
here on my comfortable
fake barcelona chair
without a care in the world
soon to be another year older
hasn't quite sunk in
that I've got it good
so many things to be thankful for
in my luxurious life
being a complete bore
still enjoy my own company
something we all need to be able to enjoy
as the older we get
the more we get to be alone
we stop feeling
like we always need to be doing something
every second of the day
tomorrow I'll think
there's something I should be doing
when I'm sitting somewhere spacing out
maybe an inspired thought
will pop into my head
maybe I'll write it down
instead of leaving it
just another something left unsaid