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time to try something new

sure is taking a long time
to fill up this book
gotten so lazy
gotten so complacent
gotten so void of ideas
I almost can't stand it
but yeah can still stand it
enough distractions
to stop it from getting to me
you see I was once regarded
as a highly creative individual
a supremely spontaneous soul
now I've locked into
some sort of routine
sometimes it confines
like some sort of prison
think I have to admit
I've gotten to that age
where it gets harder and harder to change
you keep doing what you're doing
you keep getting what you're getting
it ain't so bad
know some would kill
to live the life I have
and the luxury I've got
to contemplate whether it's too late
or I've still got a shot
at fabulous
a firm believer
the best cure for complacency
is simply
trying something new

I sense romance

it's that day again
that auspicious day
one day before the birthday of my mom
in these the final days of summer
there is quiet reflection
there is no other time of year for me
that's quite so peaceful
when the crowds have all gone home
when the wind through my hair is softly blowin'
when time is mine and mine alone
it's impossible to feel hard done by
I just look up at the sky
look up and smile at the great expanse
all around I sense romance
as I fall in love with life
once again

great aspirations

the view spectacular
the vibe less so
back in coach on the aisle
looking on at the seniors
and their cameras clicking away
the cool ones set to upload them
to their facebook pages
going to be a while
before I'm a tourist once again
the phrase 'time to buckle down'
running through my head
but I just want to keep playing
keep feeling exalted
in the majestic energy of the sun
in it I feel so alive
yet lazy as hell
we can't all live up to our promise
yet I'm still hoping
I can aspire to the life
I as of yet still can't afford
until that time all I have
is the simple things
to reap their benefits
they must never be ignored