Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

happy anniversary
mom and dad
a day to remember
all the good years you've had
48 in all
but who's counting
just need to add 4
to my years on the planet
staying together so long
so rare in these days
of perilous temptation
we give in too easily
or should I say give up
when the going gets tough
so easy to just call it quits
say to hell with it
then go and do it all over again
just to make the same mistakes
the ones we should've learnt from
first time round
sometimes that first
it's the first and last
it's the always
it's the 'til death do us part
it's the when I give my heart
it'll be forever
it'll be through thick and thin
here's to staying together
loving forever mom and dad
happy anniversary
this the day of your wedding
48 years ago
still honouring the commitment
you made to each other
to live as husband and wife
to share together
the joys and the sorrows
of this beautiful life


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