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smoke and mirrors

how can you afford
to dress so good
thrift stores and outlet malls
how do you make
it look so easy
when everything's so damn hard
smoke and mirrors my friend
smoke and mirrors
nothing is as it seems
smoke and mirrors
make it look
like you want it to be
until it becomes
your reality

I don't feel the need to be anyone but me

a crisp autumn day
so full of promise
but it seems I'm a little too
glass half-empty today
to fully appreciate it
those old feelings have returned
climbed halfway up
the mountain of life
but it feels like a world away
to reach the top
haven't worked hard enough
and it's starting to show
in what little I've got
yet I don't feel the need
for ambition or to inspire
I can't feel the fire
or the burning desire
choose to bask in the glow
of my drama-free life
get to enjoy the sun
before it falls from the sky
it is I
who I'm living this life for
no need to apologize
for what it is I'm not doing
therefore no need
to feel sorry for myself
I don't feel the need
to be anyone but me

be that rock

there are folks
some of them you know well
who don't care if you live or die
sounds dramatic
but the fact is
everyone's got their own shit to deal with
what counts is knowing
no matter what
there is a hell of a lot of living
to do in this life before you die
got to find your way
to leave your mark
on this troubled land
more than just a grain of sand
on a windy day
you may find yourself
blowing someone away
being that rock
when someone's world
is crumbling all around them
you may just astound them
be that random act of kindness
that turns things around
reminds you what it means
to be alive
remind you of the power you possess
just by being that rock