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the luxury of time

the phrase 'trying too hard'
comes to mind
though on the surface
nothing seems further
from the truth
perhaps I mean to say
thinking too hard or too much
forcing the thoughts out
when they seem to prefer
to be trapped in my mind
like the drip, drip, drip
of the faucet
slowly I tap into them
slowly but surely they come
and make their presence known
fun-loving and too serious
for my own good
constantly thinking I should
be doing something else
than what it is I'm doing right now
lucky to have
the luxury of time
in December
when so many are doing their best
to beat the clock
making sure they've got
enough cash so as not to go
into too much debt
if we just stopped
for a moment and thought
about the abundance we've got
how little need be bought
how a little is a lot
so much richer we'd be
than we thought