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Cliff Howard's voice over clips

I haven't posted any prose on here in quite some time, but here's some voice over clips that hopefully show you another interesting side of the reflective Cliff Howard.

journey to tomorrow

as the stream of ideas begin to flow
so do the number of choices grow
it is impossible to be bored
in this state of mind
a world of possibility I can find
today's journey back home for brunch
with the family
back on the train back home again
to my adult one
will travel across the water
for a brief stop at Lonsdale Quay
say hi to a former student
happy to see her smile
be reminded all is right
will ascend the hill
walk a bit further
than my bulk is prepared to go
shall sing old songs with old friends
toast the good things in life
escape the trouble and strife
on my journey home again
will be feeling no pain
head will hit the pillow
and soon I will be on
the sleepy train
where it will take me
rarely somewhere I expect to be
as dreams weave their way
into my mind
throughout the night
certain I am
the intricate tapestry they weave
will make the brand new day
all the more bright

linger awhile

9:40am monday
with a tall dark
in a grande cup
soy on the bar
on broadway
though not the one
Benson sings about
how can a life
as uneventful as mine
still be fun
the key is making
the mundane an event
see things with fresh eyes
see opportunities as they arise
the opportunity to live my life in the moment
the opportunity to live my life free of torment
for I continue to enjoy the moment
the taste of fresh full-bodied coffee
the sounds of music that takes me
on a journey around the globe
and back to places and feelings
I've visited before
another customer walks through the door
a scooter comes up the sidewalk
a car drives away
a crow who can never quite find
the right place to linger awhile
can never just stay
it's not his style
but thankfully it is mine

make time fly

time flies
when you're having fun
guess I need
to be having more fun
'cause it sure drags
in these states of limbo
being pro-active
is the only way to go
if I'm going to get anywhere
know it's not what you know
but who you know
you never know who you're gonna meet
but you've got to know enough
to leave a lasting impression
to make folks
want to know more about you
to delve into the mystery
and when enough people
have their curiosity sparked
that's when doors
begin to open
that's when the fun begins
that's when time
begins to speed up
and starts to fly
so to speak
and you know why
your life has suddenly
started to race by
at the speed of light
that's when you'll be longing
for days like these