linger awhile

9:40am monday
with a tall dark
in a grande cup
soy on the bar
on broadway
though not the one
Benson sings about
how can a life
as uneventful as mine
still be fun
the key is making
the mundane an event
see things with fresh eyes
see opportunities as they arise
the opportunity to live my life in the moment
the opportunity to live my life free of torment
for I continue to enjoy the moment
the taste of fresh full-bodied coffee
the sounds of music that takes me
on a journey around the globe
and back to places and feelings
I've visited before
another customer walks through the door
a scooter comes up the sidewalk
a car drives away
a crow who can never quite find
the right place to linger awhile
can never just stay
it's not his style
but thankfully it is mine


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