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in the quest to save money
sometimes we lose it
in the quest for love
we often lose our hearts too
sometimes in life
things just don't work out in the way
you'd hoped they would
sometimes it's better that way
without a few bumps and bruises
throughout the day
we may forget what it means
to be one of the fortunate few
so whatever we do
let us never forget
that we are

two beautiful words

back home, back to work
looking out upon
the skyline of my gorgeously peaceful city
so different it is
from the decadent chaos of New York
whirlwind trip stepping back in time
now moving forward
the journey's changed
places and spaces rearranged
not as emotionally disconnected
as I thought I was just days before
so I won't be so afraid to let go
and I won't be afraid
to hang on to what I know
is an amazing thing
PB, you amaze me too
can't wait to say
those two beautiful words to you
"I do"

There Is Magic

work that magic
make them forget
about the dismal weather
do what you do
let yourself be you
especially when the world
is telling you not to
the magic is in
the thrill of the unknown
the magic of knowing
you've got the power
to capture the imagination of others
take them places
they've never been before
it's called thinking outside the box
it's called thinking BIG
it's called dreaming into the future
even when the future looks dim
there is light
and more importantly
there is magic

thrill and fulfill

the sleepy me says
too much going on
for peace of mind to be found
but if I just wake up
wipe the sleep from my eyes
perhaps then won't be feeling
like it's too much to handle
like everyone who burns the candle
at both ends
perhaps I too can be awake just enough
caffeinated just enough
to make it through
to never feel like I've got
too much to do
and always enough
I can feel like life
has the power to thrill and fulfill
when I need it to

music is everywhere

trapped inside

the music it is trapped inside

not doing much to give it a chance to fly

the creative spirit

a crime to stifle it

even worse it is to ignore it

to bring back the flow

many things one must do

it can be set free so easily

in the form of the simplest melody

one can make

this is all it takes and suddenly

music is everywhere

it all begins with one

once again feeling like the universe will provide

all that I desire it can be mine

not on someone else's terms on my own

don't want to go through this life alone

got to take quite a few steps to make that happen

when I've got that many steps to take

sometimes I take none

but it all begins with one

Our carefree weekend's about to begin

as always
I will eventually get there
survive the inevitable delays
making my way down to you
on the southbound train
which tonight is only going
as far as Everett
I'll board a bus and arrive in Seattle
eagerly anticipating our quality time
as always
you will be waiting patiently
hopefully your patience
won't be worn too thin
sweet will my arrival be
for it signifies
our carefree weekend together
is about to begin

I love you PB. xoxo