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from afar

rejection dream
it comes to me
when the distance between us
becomes unbearably real
never easy knowing how little
you can mean to one
who means so much to you
so emotional in such different ways
I can be hurt so deeply
still keep a smile on my face
I'm someone's number one
though I'll never be yours
through all the missed story times
and Christmas mornings
through all the hugs
you were forced to give
the life you'll choose to live
will be so different from mine
wish feeling rejected by you
didn't make me feel like
pulling away further in the way I do
knowing I can't be closer to you
due to genetics and the way things are
always means I'll be admiring you
and all the amazing things that you do
from afar

a little charity

seems to me these days unfortunately
there's too little faith in others
too little charity
unwilling to risk getting nothing in return
so we don't go the extra mile
you can't give me what I want
so you're not worth my while
and it's always better
to know these things up front
before you find yourself
getting in too deep
thankful I've still got
people I mean the world to
as they do to me
people who once existed as strangers
people who took a leap of faith
showed a little charity