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the luxury of losing track of time

the luxury of losing
track of time
this luxury it comes and it goes
here on the last day of 2015
racing toward the finish line
and the starting line
at the very same time
a time to reflect
on all that has transpired
all that has been
all that we hoped would be
that never became
a reality in 2015
a year I often wondered
when it would be my turn
a year when I didn't always
give it my best shot
or put my best foot forward
mastering the art
of self-sabotage
still I stepped out of myself
from time to time
did what I could to turn the everyday
into the sublime
ate like a king
drank some very fine wine
got to enjoy the luxury
of losing track of time

love can conquer hate

sometimes you've got to just
stop whatever it is
that you're doing
take stock of all you've got
remind yourself
this is still a beautiful world
we live in
can't let those
misguided souls out there
take it away from us
still believe love can conquer hate
still believe it's not too late
to reap the benefits
of a loving embrace
put a smile back
on a world-weary saddened face
this world is still a place
full of possibility
it all comes down to
not letting anyone
take that away from you and me
no matter how impossible
that seems to be right now
the good shall rise
to the surface once again
after all the suffocating
drowning in sorrow
there is the potential
for a better tomorrow
for this day I cannot wait
for the day love
finally conquers hate

nothing to lose

so many ways
to lose in life
so easy it is
to go there too
to a place where your self-worth
wants nothing to do with you
once you are out of the game
the harder it is to get back in
easy to convince yourself
you aren't what they want anyway
even though no one will
come right out and say it
it's clear as day
you are nothing
but a bad cliche
where there's a will there's a way
the path of least resistance
says not everyone can win the race
there's always a loser
and for every race you lose
part of that winning spirit
gets lost along the way
eventually surrendering
to the voice inside that says
you've got better things
to do with your time
when in reality you've really got
nothing to lose

that glimmer of hope

don't like that
not good enough feeling
especially when I know
that I am
so many shining stars out there
just a matter of being the one
who shines a little brighter
than the rest
why is it when you're so close
you can almost taste it
you focus on that small chance
you didn't quite measure up
you start wondering
whether it's better to just give up
wallow in the sorrow
of predictable tomorrows
somehow I just can't seem
to let that glimmer of hope go
something instilled deep inside of me
says this could be the time
why is it when it comes to money
it's so hard to get paid
why is it we define our success
by how favorably it influences
our bank balances
why can't we just be thankful
we get to do what we do
get to share a small part
of what makes us great
you start wondering
maybe that could be enough
maybe it's just about
learning to be satisfied
with what it is

the beautiful ride

sometimes you find yourself
saying to yourself
why them why not me
when it comes to
missed opportunity
out come the less attractive
parts of our personality
out comes that bitter mistress
she only sees
all that was taken away from her
rather than all she has
could have had it all
should have just been satisfied
with the beautiful ride it was
the beautiful ride
life sometimes is
when you choose to find
the joy in everything
you often find yourself
saying to yourself
how fortunate I am
so many opportunities
still to come


broken spirits
just like broken wings
those who possess them
they've got no hope in hell of flying
life has a way
of bringing down 'the weak'
making the easy
seem impossible to do
everyone puts in
their two cents worth
never seems to add up to much
what is it that broke those spirits
too many heartbreaks
not enough love
people that say
no matter what you do
it will never be enough
first step in the wrong direction
believing those words
in the first place
we all know the damage
words can do
especially to youth
from the grownups they look up to
the ones whose spirits
were broken a long long time ago
some people think
they're doing you a favour
telling you not to waste your time
when it looks like
there's no hope in hell
for you to succeed
rare you get it right the very first time
always have to learn to walk
before you can fly


this music makes me nostalgic
intimate music for an intimate love
a love that was new
to someone like you
one who hadn't ever
let anyone get that close
we all have our reasons
for putting up walls
mine came up again
after you chose to be so careless
with that love
a love that came to mean so much more
after we said goodbye
still didn't want to let go
even though I knew it was best
there was someone waiting
who above all wanted to be loved
for who they really were
one who was ready
to show the world who that person was
can't help but wonder
if you'd been ready
ready to love
would you have given yourself to me
the way I gave myself to you
I wish I knew
and then again I'm glad I don't
some things are meant to be
what they were and nothing more
if I could I would do it all over again
in the very same way
knowing there would come a day
when it would all come crashing down
knowing I had loved you
the best I could
knowing what we had was good
part of the journey
we co…

make time for downtime

when I have a lot of it
don't always use it wisely
take advantage of it
something I always do
with pleasure
I listen to Badu on Soundcloud
waiting for the repairman to arrive
I stop and smell the flowers
still as vibrant as they were four days ago
a beautiful bouquet
to celebrate your birthday
tonight we do our own things
you celebrating your last day of work
for the summer
me off to a show with the girls
the gift of music never wasted on me
remember when I was up on that stage
sharing my music with whoever would listen
whoever would choose to tune in for a while
go on that journey
a good performer
is sure to take you on
my downtime in summertime
I'll take as much of it as I can get
let myself experience
a higher state
it's never too late to seize the day
no matter what time it is
you can always make time for downtime

reciprocal relationships

reciprocal relationships
the very best kind
get something in return
when you share
your kinder side
in a world full of take
need to be careful
about the choices you make
thankful over time
you get better
at making them
get better at weeding out your garden
keeping it full of beautiful choices
making sure those choices
never get overshadowed
by the careless mistakes you made

nice to have around

acting like it's the weekend
yeah, I know it's only Thursday
but hey, sometimes a little adagio
is what the body and mind require
I tire of all the tasks
our lives demand of us
on a regular basis
need to tune into a different frequency
to free the mind and the body
not needed for a lot really
and that's just fine by me
without me I know how smoothly
life continues to hum along
but face it folks
I'm just one of those people
who's nice to have around

lucky in love

what do I want to do to celebrate this day
don't think I'll be thinking too hard about that one
I'll listen to some of my favourite tunes
eat some tasty food
after a meal fit for a king
I'll get to blow out a lot of candles
on a sumptuous cake
and hopefully end the day getting to make
sweet love to you
my sweet pear
I've been lucky to call you my man
for close to 10 years now
lucky in so many ways
but know I'm luckiest of all
to be lucky in love

age is just a number

feeling like a burden
a burden to myself
things not going as well as I'd like them to
to the point it feels
like things are working against me
not a great way for someone to be feeling
a day before their 48th birthday
watched the seniors today in downtown White Rock
struggling to get around
but they had to get those errands done
the reality of getting older
not looking like much fun
but as I watched I was reminded
I'm still healthy enough
and perhaps even young enough
to transport myself all the way home by foot
though I didn't, know I still can
still a vibrant man with time on his side
want to believe that
but for the moment
feel like everything is moving
a little too fast for me
and then suddenly you get to a certain age
where it feels like everything
is taking an eternity
I'd like us to rediscover
the art of living while we still can
because in my burdened state
too little spontaneity
just brings me down
makes me feel old
though I know age is just a number
48 is fee…

getting into the habit

found myself on the balcony out in the sun this morning, journal in hand..........

asking myself
why I wasn't doing it at the keyboard
just another creature of habit I guess
needing to get back in the habit of what I used to do
play around with some notes
until I found a melody and some words
finding the right words some might say
it's never been a problem for me
but for it to come to me easily
got to get into the habit of doing it first

and then I started working on a new song:-)

everywhere is somewhere for someone

wait for it
believe it is on its way
eventually it will come
don't give up
don't keep giving up
hoping for something else
could turn out
you are waiting in vain
that slow train you are on
eventually it will arrive at the station
though that station may not be yours
at least not the place
you thought you'd be arriving at
you may want to hang around
a little longer
sometimes you hang around
a little longer
and it all starts to make sense
everywhere is somewhere for someone


thinking about things
thinking about things
that have no relevance
no relevance at all
things we get caught up in
that are a waste of our time
things we get caught up in nonetheless
need to unravel
to be at our best
where we don't know
what will happen next
and isn't that half the fun
maybe a lot more than that
when all's said and done
sometimes it's best
not to think about anything at all
especially when the tangled web
those thoughts weave
leads us to believe
this mess we've made
cannot be undone
then the sky clears
all there is is sun
suddenly there is nothing
further from the truth
and the healing process
it has begun


there's no more just
stopping by
so rare is
an open invitation these days
if you got one
you might simply
fall down and die
from the shock
we've all got our own
lives to lead
mouths to feed
enough on our plates
to have our schedules interrupted
by someone with an overwhelming need
to see us
'cause it's been far too long
sometimes the day never comes
we never meet again
and it's a shame really
'cause at one time
we were such good friends

life is good

moving through the heaviness
until the lightness of being returns
all I yearn for
flowing effortlessly
like the rivers to the seas
left with a feeling
of complete satisfaction
knowing I have everything
that I should
my life as good
as I know it is
how do we get to where we are
takes more than just
wishing upon a star
takes believing
we are worthy
of the gifts bestowed upon us
we two on this journey
toward always
bringing out the best in each other
honouring our love
in some special way
each and every day

March 20th, 2000

15 years ago today I wrote this...........seems to capture a more passionate me that I long to rediscover and know I will.

put your big strong hands on me
as hard as you can
work out the stresses of the day
that have worked their way
onto my body
let's pretend it's sunday afternoon
we've just awakened
from a beautiful dream
in each other's arms
our worlds collided and lingered awhile
the sun went down
candlelight came up
wine was poured and drunk in excess
we indulged in each other
until the sun came up
then we went deep undercover
and you gave the day
what for
put your big strong hands on me
somehow we lost track of time
and night was suddenly upon us
once more

don't let yourself down

who are you accountable to
if not a person
what is the thing
that keeps you doing what you do
wanting it to be better
wanting it to be
the best it can be
wanting how great something is
to be clear to see or hear or feel
whatever makes your creation
a big deal
makes it stand apart from the rest
what is it that makes you
want to be better than average
strive for the best
it's really only you
when it come down to
failing to succeed
failing to tap into that need
for something more, something amazing
it's only you you're accountable to
so don't let yourself down

just do it

do it 'cause it scares you
do it 'til it scares you no more
do it 'cause you've got no other choice
'cause it just might
give you a voice
words people need to hear
words others may hold dear
close to their hearts
to carry them through
and what if you simply hadn't bothered
maybe nothing would have come of it
someone's nothing
has the potential to be everything
to someone else
so best get on with it
and just do it