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lucky in love

what do I want to do to celebrate this day
don't think I'll be thinking too hard about that one
I'll listen to some of my favourite tunes
eat some tasty food
after a meal fit for a king
I'll get to blow out a lot of candles
on a sumptuous cake
and hopefully end the day getting to make
sweet love to you
my sweet pear
I've been lucky to call you my man
for close to 10 years now
lucky in so many ways
but know I'm luckiest of all
to be lucky in love

age is just a number

feeling like a burden
a burden to myself
things not going as well as I'd like them to
to the point it feels
like things are working against me
not a great way for someone to be feeling
a day before their 48th birthday
watched the seniors today in downtown White Rock
struggling to get around
but they had to get those errands done
the reality of getting older
not looking like much fun
but as I watched I was reminded
I'm still healthy enough
and perhaps even young enough
to transport myself all the way home by foot
though I didn't, know I still can
still a vibrant man with time on his side
want to believe that
but for the moment
feel like everything is moving
a little too fast for me
and then suddenly you get to a certain age
where it feels like everything
is taking an eternity
I'd like us to rediscover
the art of living while we still can
because in my burdened state
too little spontaneity
just brings me down
makes me feel old
though I know age is just a number
48 is fee…

getting into the habit

found myself on the balcony out in the sun this morning, journal in hand..........

asking myself
why I wasn't doing it at the keyboard
just another creature of habit I guess
needing to get back in the habit of what I used to do
play around with some notes
until I found a melody and some words
finding the right words some might say
it's never been a problem for me
but for it to come to me easily
got to get into the habit of doing it first

and then I started working on a new song:-)

everywhere is somewhere for someone

wait for it
believe it is on its way
eventually it will come
don't give up
don't keep giving up
hoping for something else
could turn out
you are waiting in vain
that slow train you are on
eventually it will arrive at the station
though that station may not be yours
at least not the place
you thought you'd be arriving at
you may want to hang around
a little longer
sometimes you hang around
a little longer
and it all starts to make sense
everywhere is somewhere for someone


thinking about things
thinking about things
that have no relevance
no relevance at all
things we get caught up in
that are a waste of our time
things we get caught up in nonetheless
need to unravel
to be at our best
where we don't know
what will happen next
and isn't that half the fun
maybe a lot more than that
when all's said and done
sometimes it's best
not to think about anything at all
especially when the tangled web
those thoughts weave
leads us to believe
this mess we've made
cannot be undone
then the sky clears
all there is is sun
suddenly there is nothing
further from the truth
and the healing process
it has begun


there's no more just
stopping by
so rare is
an open invitation these days
if you got one
you might simply
fall down and die
from the shock
we've all got our own
lives to lead
mouths to feed
enough on our plates
to have our schedules interrupted
by someone with an overwhelming need
to see us
'cause it's been far too long
sometimes the day never comes
we never meet again
and it's a shame really
'cause at one time
we were such good friends