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make time for downtime

when I have a lot of it
don't always use it wisely
take advantage of it
something I always do
with pleasure
I listen to Badu on Soundcloud
waiting for the repairman to arrive
I stop and smell the flowers
still as vibrant as they were four days ago
a beautiful bouquet
to celebrate your birthday
tonight we do our own things
you celebrating your last day of work
for the summer
me off to a show with the girls
the gift of music never wasted on me
remember when I was up on that stage
sharing my music with whoever would listen
whoever would choose to tune in for a while
go on that journey
a good performer
is sure to take you on
my downtime in summertime
I'll take as much of it as I can get
let myself experience
a higher state
it's never too late to seize the day
no matter what time it is
you can always make time for downtime

reciprocal relationships

reciprocal relationships
the very best kind
get something in return
when you share
your kinder side
in a world full of take
need to be careful
about the choices you make
thankful over time
you get better
at making them
get better at weeding out your garden
keeping it full of beautiful choices
making sure those choices
never get overshadowed
by the careless mistakes you made

nice to have around

acting like it's the weekend
yeah, I know it's only Thursday
but hey, sometimes a little adagio
is what the body and mind require
I tire of all the tasks
our lives demand of us
on a regular basis
need to tune into a different frequency
to free the mind and the body
not needed for a lot really
and that's just fine by me
without me I know how smoothly
life continues to hum along
but face it folks
I'm just one of those people
who's nice to have around