make time for downtime

when I have a lot of it
don't always use it wisely
take advantage of it
something I always do
with pleasure
I listen to Badu on Soundcloud
waiting for the repairman to arrive
I stop and smell the flowers
still as vibrant as they were four days ago
a beautiful bouquet
to celebrate your birthday
tonight we do our own things
you celebrating your last day of work
for the summer
me off to a show with the girls
the gift of music never wasted on me
remember when I was up on that stage
sharing my music with whoever would listen
whoever would choose to tune in for a while
go on that journey
a good performer
is sure to take you on
my downtime in summertime
I'll take as much of it as I can get
let myself experience
a higher state
it's never too late to seize the day
no matter what time it is
you can always make time for downtime


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