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this music makes me nostalgic
intimate music for an intimate love
a love that was new
to someone like you
one who hadn't ever
let anyone get that close
we all have our reasons
for putting up walls
mine came up again
after you chose to be so careless
with that love
a love that came to mean so much more
after we said goodbye
still didn't want to let go
even though I knew it was best
there was someone waiting
who above all wanted to be loved
for who they really were
one who was ready
to show the world who that person was
can't help but wonder
if you'd been ready
ready to love
would you have given yourself to me
the way I gave myself to you
I wish I knew
and then again I'm glad I don't
some things are meant to be
what they were and nothing more
if I could I would do it all over again
in the very same way
knowing there would come a day
when it would all come crashing down
knowing I had loved you
the best I could
knowing what we had was good
part of the journey
we co…