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broken spirits
just like broken wings
those who possess them
they've got no hope in hell of flying
life has a way
of bringing down 'the weak'
making the easy
seem impossible to do
everyone puts in
their two cents worth
never seems to add up to much
what is it that broke those spirits
too many heartbreaks
not enough love
people that say
no matter what you do
it will never be enough
first step in the wrong direction
believing those words
in the first place
we all know the damage
words can do
especially to youth
from the grownups they look up to
the ones whose spirits
were broken a long long time ago
some people think
they're doing you a favour
telling you not to waste your time
when it looks like
there's no hope in hell
for you to succeed
rare you get it right the very first time
always have to learn to walk
before you can fly