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love can conquer hate

sometimes you've got to just
stop whatever it is
that you're doing
take stock of all you've got
remind yourself
this is still a beautiful world
we live in
can't let those
misguided souls out there
take it away from us
still believe love can conquer hate
still believe it's not too late
to reap the benefits
of a loving embrace
put a smile back
on a world-weary saddened face
this world is still a place
full of possibility
it all comes down to
not letting anyone
take that away from you and me
no matter how impossible
that seems to be right now
the good shall rise
to the surface once again
after all the suffocating
drowning in sorrow
there is the potential
for a better tomorrow
for this day I cannot wait
for the day love
finally conquers hate

nothing to lose

so many ways
to lose in life
so easy it is
to go there too
to a place where your self-worth
wants nothing to do with you
once you are out of the game
the harder it is to get back in
easy to convince yourself
you aren't what they want anyway
even though no one will
come right out and say it
it's clear as day
you are nothing
but a bad cliche
where there's a will there's a way
the path of least resistance
says not everyone can win the race
there's always a loser
and for every race you lose
part of that winning spirit
gets lost along the way
eventually surrendering
to the voice inside that says
you've got better things
to do with your time
when in reality you've really got
nothing to lose

that glimmer of hope

don't like that
not good enough feeling
especially when I know
that I am
so many shining stars out there
just a matter of being the one
who shines a little brighter
than the rest
why is it when you're so close
you can almost taste it
you focus on that small chance
you didn't quite measure up
you start wondering
whether it's better to just give up
wallow in the sorrow
of predictable tomorrows
somehow I just can't seem
to let that glimmer of hope go
something instilled deep inside of me
says this could be the time
why is it when it comes to money
it's so hard to get paid
why is it we define our success
by how favorably it influences
our bank balances
why can't we just be thankful
we get to do what we do
get to share a small part
of what makes us great
you start wondering
maybe that could be enough
maybe it's just about
learning to be satisfied
with what it is