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centre stage

head in the clouds
thinking 'bout 2017
the year I turn 50
refusing to believe
it will be able to stop me
from achieving
all I hope to achieve
not going to let the world
make me feel
like I'm invisible anymore
it's a travesty
spending too much time
on the sidelines
when I could have been
centre stage all along

too tired to lift a finger

where is my mind
when I need it
probably off somewhere
dreaming of gorgeous getaways
endless lazy days
not focusing on the tasks at hand
but then again that's nothing new
sort of dreading
all those days I'll be spending
falling into the old routine
money I won't let you
be the death of me
hope I'm smart enough to read the minds
of those who seem to be
in charge of making important decisions
on my behalf
when I'm off somewhere
foolishly thinking
it will all be taken care of
when I'm too tired to lift a finger
I won't regret not doing more
hoping what's in store
is worth lifting a finger for

quiet reflection

some moments
they are just for you
there to sit in quiet reflection
feel as blue as you want to
no shoulder to cry on
nobody there to cheer you up
just you with a well
full of emotion
trying to make sense of it all
though you don't have the answers
to so many of your questions
there's no pressure
to have it all figured out
no expectations
no one wondering what your next move will be
everyone has at least one moment in their life
where there's nothing anyone can do
to take away the pain
of your own particular set of circumstances
and I'm thankful for the quiet reflection
those moments bring
just as much as those
where life is giving me so much
I am filled to the brim with joy
to me that is the true beauty of life

dwindling hope

dwindling hope
like the leaves on the trees
becoming harder and harder to find
with each new day
we watch powerless
as all our hope slowly fades away
knowing we should be doing something
rather than just watching
our future fade to black
for it's our future after all
left in the hands of a man
who gets a kick out of making those
less powerful than him
feel ridiculously small
so ridiculous it is
to give all that power away
for just like the leaves
on these autumn-ravaged trees
so will we
come back to life again
with unwavering strength
and enough hope to inspire
many generations to come

stronger together

election day
hoping for the right outcome
the one who seeks
to bring people together
rather than divide and conquer
what will it all mean
for us Canadians
in the coming months
have to believe our future
won't be left in the hands
of greedy Americans
who only have their own
interests at heart
have to believe in a better world
if we truly want
things to get better
like a certain formidable candidate says
we are definitely
stronger together

worthless pleasures

so much nervous energy all around me
so much youthful insecurity
makes me fear for the future
of the human race
scares me to death
the world will look in the mirror
too blind to see
what monsters ominously stare back
but what can you do
take a bite out of life
before it takes a bite out of you
what can you do
try thinking about ways
to change the status quo
before it all turns to shit
don't you get it
that energy it could be channeled toward
the greater good
instead of all that time spent
in pursuit of worthless pleasures

coming out

today is national coming out day
can't remember the exact day
I came out
but know I was 23 years old
the day I came out to my mom
was a day she nearly drove off the road
probably not the best idea
saying "I'm gay" to my mom
while she was driving
we keep these things inside so long
these deep dark secrets
afraid everyone will view us differently
afraid they'll think less of us
though the journey to understanding
can be long
it can make relationships with those you love
stronger than ever
there are things you can only keep inside so long
before you start to lose touch with who you are
the truth is it really does get better
once you choose to live
proudly, fearlessly, authentically
coming out of the shadows
and into the light
is always a step in the right direction

bare your soul

the people we meet
never know
what those acquaintances
will become
never know
what revealing your truth
will bring
life really is too short
for the emptiness
of idle chit-chat
so isn't it nice
when you feel comfortable enough
to bare your soul
to complete strangers
nice to know
they aren't strangers anymore

the one you let get away

the one who would love you like no other
but you let him slip away
said you'd be better off just being friends
now you wonder
now that the well's run dry
you wonder if he was the one
the one you let get away
somehow through thick and thin
he always stayed by your side
perhaps he's still waiting
to see if after all these years
you might have finally
changed your mind
decided love is not always
like the 4th of july
sometimes it creeps up on you
takes you by surprise
perhaps there's still time
for the two of you
to open that door
that door you closed
so many years before
re-explore what you once had
you might actually be glad
that you did

those sacrifices we make

can't force someone
to act the way you want them to
especially when they got
so many reasons to be angry
to feel blue
to resent you for the way
everything turned out
I can see now that parenthood
sure can suck a person dry
take take take
'til you got nothing left to give
I can see now why some people
choose not to have kids
still they are missing out on a lot
it's those sacrifices we make
that ultimately make us stronger
can't blame someone
for finally being done with making them
why is it we always
feel like we gotta be
that cake left out in the rain
all for a few brief moments
of euphoria in the sun
no, I can't blame you at all
for being so fucking done

eyes wide open

eyes open
eyes wide open
so I can really see
the kind of person you are
how the first 50 years of your life
have taught you so little
how small a person's world can be
when they become blinded
by hatred and jealousy
I suppose I should be thankful
I don't have to spend any more time
trying to be nice to you
when a lot of the time I knew
you really wished you could have been
somewhere else
whenever I came to visit
now I'll never come to visit
and don't care if I'm no longer
welcome in your home
I'm tired of things the way they are
so done with pretending
we can move past all this
I know we can't move past all this
and isn't it better to know
ultimately it's always better to know
even if it breaks your heart at the time

nothing like a good cry

with fall fast approaching
I find myself wanting
to listen to sad songs more and more
find myself longing for what used to be
times when we felt
like we were invincible
there was nothing we couldn't do
we always knew
there'd be another opportunity
waiting round the corner
one day you turn that corner
and nothing feels the same
you're older now and have come
to the realization
everyone will get along just fine
with or without you
so you turn on the stereo
let the tears well up in your eyes
nothing like a good cry
to remind yourself you're still alive
don't let anyone tell you otherwise
Check out my new track, One Horse Town. At the end of the song it actually incorporates a poem I wrote years ago called 'Humdrum' which you can find on this blog.

thankful for all the music we made

seems to have fallen off the face of the earth
but he's still here
existing in another place and time
where it's always tomorrow
fuck the deadlines
we all go our separate ways eventually
life has a habit of making it so
we all go off the rails periodically
if our paths should ever cross again
really just want for you to know
how thankful I am for all the music we made
as I move into this new chapter
of my life and turn the page
I wonder
will it ever be the same

inexcusable crime

the inexcusable crime
of not taking enough time
out for you
out for reconnecting
with what makes you
a person people find themselves
inexplicably drawn to
there really is no excuse
all this time on your hands
all the time in the world
spent on wasteful endeavors
time that could be spent
honoring that part of yourself
that knows the pen
is far more powerful
than the sword
these words that hold the key
to a brighter future
even when they reveal
the darker parts of your personality
simply put
when put to good use
they have the power
to set you free

invisible visible

invisible visible
put yourself out there
but there's just too much to see
we are barely looking
posting incessantly
too much content
we simply cannot keep up
sometimes it all gets to be too much
we find ourselves
unfriending, unfollowing, unsubscribing
it's the blind leading the blind
eventually we'll all be afraid to look
for fear we might have missed out on
too much living
in the offline world


my body is void of you today
it's telling me
my work this week is done
yeah, I know it's only friday
and once again
we've got a sky full of sun
more importantly
we've got each other
to get us through
so I'll close my eyes for a while
and contemplate
how much better the world is
because of you

best to live life to the fullest

life it can be
an adventure
it's a choice we make
not to let it pass us by
best to live life to the fullest
for it is then we are no longer ruled
by the hands of time
instead we are freed
going where the day takes us
never sure what will happen next
it is here we discover
the best in us
and the things about ourselves
we love best

olfactory assault

too much cologne
in front of me
drinking it in to the point
I can no longer think clearly
why do they do it
overload in the way they do
surely their partners
can't enjoy such excess
there's a place for this
a place most dudes avoid
the main floor
of virtually every department store
when you must
must get in and out
as quickly as you can
when you are wearing
too much cologne, man
it is a given
you are no longer
smelling like one

don't get your hopes up

those days when things go well
make it feel like you're one step closer
to the place you start to dwell
on better things to come
the way you do
when you're young
and have your whole life
ahead of you
when nothing can get you down
when no matter how many times
they say no
you've got no doubt
the next time is going to be
a resounding yes
seems to me
the moment they start telling you
not to get your hopes up
it's all downhill from there
that bittersweet moment
the arduous uphill climb begins

that journey

that journey we go on
after our heads hit the pillow
that journey it takes us
so much further
than where we get to go
through the regular
course of the day
so desperately at times
do I want to live
my life that way
where I can get out of
the most difficult of situations
simply just by waking up

Thanks for reading, Wayne!

young again

sometimes there's a lack
of spontaneity in daily life
that scares me to death
those same old conversation topics
we find ourselves resorting to
no there's nothing new
in the motions we go through
for the sake
of the almighty dollar
constantly reminded
how far away I've become
from being white collar
we all must live
with the choices we've made
as well as the ones
we were too lazy to bother with
not knowing what comes next
sometimes that's all it takes
to remind me what it feels like
to be young again

love ain't gonna elude you forever

don't begrudge others for having what you ain't got
love ain't gonna elude you forever
things they can turn around
at the drop of a hat
BAM you're in love
suddenly that blue sky is bluer than you
and that love that once eluded you
has changed your point of view
now you can see
everyone is cheering for you
like they always were
waiting for you to realize
you were just as worthy
of loving and being loved
as everyone else

the flying trapeze

just like always
it's about creating
memorable moments
following your heart
to the places you could only imagine
in your wildest dreams
not spending too much time
wondering how it is
you're going to get there
for then you're not completely in
those memorable moments
when you need to be
creating magic
with the greatest of ease
the man in the easy chair
feeling like he's up there soaring
on the flying trapeze

how can you mourn the loss of what never came to be

here I am surfing
surfing the net
wondering how I'm going to get
where I want to be
sitting here surfing the net
so nonchalantly
one of those contemplative types
who knows little
of the fast track to success
knows how few there are out there
who are really listening
it all goes in one ear
and out the other
another one bites the dust
before they ever got
to spread their wings and fly
how can you mourn the loss
of what never came to be
sitting here surfing the net
thinking that doesn't
have to be me
doesn't have to be anyone
living in the past
gives us nothing to look forward to

love has the power to forgive the worst in us

one comes together
one falls apart
in the circle of life
who knows when
their time will come
who knows if
they'll be too fragile
to mend a broken heart
when things turn out worlds away
from the fairytale ending they dreamed of
will there be
someone there to pick up the pieces
when it all comes crashing down
just another family
who forgot how good it once was
who forgot that love
was all they needed
to get them through
love has the power to forgive
the worst in us
but the worst in us
has its heart set it seems
on not letting love
do the job
it was intended to do