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thankful for all the music we made

seems to have fallen off the face of the earth
but he's still here
existing in another place and time
where it's always tomorrow
fuck the deadlines
we all go our separate ways eventually
life has a habit of making it so
we all go off the rails periodically
if our paths should ever cross again
really just want for you to know
how thankful I am for all the music we made
as I move into this new chapter
of my life and turn the page
I wonder
will it ever be the same

inexcusable crime

the inexcusable crime
of not taking enough time
out for you
out for reconnecting
with what makes you
a person people find themselves
inexplicably drawn to
there really is no excuse
all this time on your hands
all the time in the world
spent on wasteful endeavors
time that could be spent
honoring that part of yourself
that knows the pen
is far more powerful
than the sword
these words that hold the key
to a brighter future
even when they reveal
the darker parts of your personality
simply put
when put to good use
they have the power
to set you free