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the one you let get away

the one who would love you like no other
but you let him slip away
said you'd be better off just being friends
now you wonder
now that the well's run dry
you wonder if he was the one
the one you let get away
somehow through thick and thin
he always stayed by your side
perhaps he's still waiting
to see if after all these years
you might have finally
changed your mind
decided love is not always
like the 4th of july
sometimes it creeps up on you
takes you by surprise
perhaps there's still time
for the two of you
to open that door
that door you closed
so many years before
re-explore what you once had
you might actually be glad
that you did

those sacrifices we make

can't force someone
to act the way you want them to
especially when they got
so many reasons to be angry
to feel blue
to resent you for the way
everything turned out
I can see now that parenthood
sure can suck a person dry
take take take
'til you got nothing left to give
I can see now why some people
choose not to have kids
still they are missing out on a lot
it's those sacrifices we make
that ultimately make us stronger
can't blame someone
for finally being done with making them
why is it we always
feel like we gotta be
that cake left out in the rain
all for a few brief moments
of euphoria in the sun
no, I can't blame you at all
for being so fucking done

eyes wide open

eyes open
eyes wide open
so I can really see
the kind of person you are
how the first 50 years of your life
have taught you so little
how small a person's world can be
when they become blinded
by hatred and jealousy
I suppose I should be thankful
I don't have to spend any more time
trying to be nice to you
when a lot of the time I knew
you really wished you could have been
somewhere else
whenever I came to visit
now I'll never come to visit
and don't care if I'm no longer
welcome in your home
I'm tired of things the way they are
so done with pretending
we can move past all this
I know we can't move past all this
and isn't it better to know
ultimately it's always better to know
even if it breaks your heart at the time

nothing like a good cry

with fall fast approaching
I find myself wanting
to listen to sad songs more and more
find myself longing for what used to be
times when we felt
like we were invincible
there was nothing we couldn't do
we always knew
there'd be another opportunity
waiting round the corner
one day you turn that corner
and nothing feels the same
you're older now and have come
to the realization
everyone will get along just fine
with or without you
so you turn on the stereo
let the tears well up in your eyes
nothing like a good cry
to remind yourself you're still alive
don't let anyone tell you otherwise
Check out my new track, One Horse Town. At the end of the song it actually incorporates a poem I wrote years ago called 'Humdrum' which you can find on this blog.