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too tired to lift a finger

where is my mind
when I need it
probably off somewhere
dreaming of gorgeous getaways
endless lazy days
not focusing on the tasks at hand
but then again that's nothing new
sort of dreading
all those days I'll be spending
falling into the old routine
money I won't let you
be the death of me
hope I'm smart enough to read the minds
of those who seem to be
in charge of making important decisions
on my behalf
when I'm off somewhere
foolishly thinking
it will all be taken care of
when I'm too tired to lift a finger
I won't regret not doing more
hoping what's in store
is worth lifting a finger for

quiet reflection

some moments
they are just for you
there to sit in quiet reflection
feel as blue as you want to
no shoulder to cry on
nobody there to cheer you up
just you with a well
full of emotion
trying to make sense of it all
though you don't have the answers
to so many of your questions
there's no pressure
to have it all figured out
no expectations
no one wondering what your next move will be
everyone has at least one moment in their life
where there's nothing anyone can do
to take away the pain
of your own particular set of circumstances
and I'm thankful for the quiet reflection
those moments bring
just as much as those
where life is giving me so much
I am filled to the brim with joy
to me that is the true beauty of life

dwindling hope

dwindling hope
like the leaves on the trees
becoming harder and harder to find
with each new day
we watch powerless
as all our hope slowly fades away
knowing we should be doing something
rather than just watching
our future fade to black
for it's our future after all
left in the hands of a man
who gets a kick out of making those
less powerful than him
feel ridiculously small
so ridiculous it is
to give all that power away
for just like the leaves
on these autumn-ravaged trees
so will we
come back to life again
with unwavering strength
and enough hope to inspire
many generations to come

stronger together

election day
hoping for the right outcome
the one who seeks
to bring people together
rather than divide and conquer
what will it all mean
for us Canadians
in the coming months
have to believe our future
won't be left in the hands
of greedy Americans
who only have their own
interests at heart
have to believe in a better world
if we truly want
things to get better
like a certain formidable candidate says
we are definitely
stronger together