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the be-all and end-all

have it
take it
grab it
even if it's not
yours to take
your thing
not mine
won't accept this will be
the be-all and end-all for me
this ain't gonna do
a damn thing
when it comes to
getting my soul free
not everyone cares
'bout shit like that
reality is
far too few people do
but I care about you
and hopefully you
care about me too
together we're going to make
this world a better place
for everyone
not just a select few
it's worth fighting for
worth marching for
worth fighting the good fight
fighting for what's right
and good in the world
do it because it's right
or don't do it at all
if it ain't gonna get my soul free
it will never be
the be-all and end-all for me


a few irons in the fire
a few things on the go
ready to put myself out there
this much I know
can't have it all at once
for that would just be
far too overwhelming for me
love those coincidences
that aren't coincidences at all
two people meeting
for the very first time
owning the exact same journal
given as gifts by loved ones
these gifts we've been given
when we utilize them fully
only then do we realize
how truly wonderful they can be
these brilliant lives we are living


sometimes you just need to
get on with it
when you've run out of excuses
and you clearly no longer
have all the time in the world
instead of looking at
all those people who've done
amazing things with their lives
and thinking how amazing
it would be to be one of them
why not just be one of them
do something amazing
inspire someone just like you
waiting so long to discover
what everyone already knew
you are one of those
amazing people too

hidden gem

I've chosen to
be thankful for
a slow start to the year
going to savour a little more 'me' time
before  I decide to dive on in
strutting down the hall to our place
deep in vogue in my phones
feel that excitement music can create
feel it pulsating through to my very core
I'm reminded when I think
this is it
there is still so much more to explore
I'm reminded what a song like this can do
perhaps one's just dying to get out
a little more 'me' time
and I might just have
a brand new hidden gem on my hands
and no choice but to put it out there too

the beautiful moments

you took down Christmas yesterday
now I look at the wall
where our beautiful Christmas tree
used to be
clearly in that time
where everything gets back
to a drab state of normalcy
I look at the wall
with its unobtrusive neutral shade
clearly in that time
where we must turn the page
of not only our calendars
but our lives as well
think of ways we can look at this
brand new year
through brand new eyes
don't always see what the future holds
don't always examine things
as closely as we should
somehow we will always plunder through
as long as we remain present
in the moments
the beautiful moments
life gives us to enjoy
we can one day look back and say
it was clearly far more
than we had ever hoped for