the be-all and end-all

have it
take it
grab it
even if it's not
yours to take
your thing
not mine
won't accept this will be
the be-all and end-all for me
this ain't gonna do
a damn thing
when it comes to
getting my soul free
not everyone cares
'bout shit like that
reality is
far too few people do
but I care about you
and hopefully you
care about me too
together we're going to make
this world a better place
for everyone
not just a select few
it's worth fighting for
worth marching for
worth fighting the good fight
fighting for what's right
and good in the world
do it because it's right
or don't do it at all
if it ain't gonna get my soul free
it will never be
the be-all and end-all for me


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