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reconnecting with nature

it's so clearly
teeming with life here
perhaps that's why we come
to places like these
they make us feel
a little more alive
than before we arrived
perhaps reconnecting with nature
helps us survive
in this chaotic world
we change for the better
we remember how connected we all are
how we didn't come this far
to have it all taken away
by those with their heads
buried in the sand
those who've seen better days
those who never did anything
for the greater good
you and I both know
they really should
I imagine it would make it
a whole lot easier for them
to live with themselves

the music

I hope when you listen to this song
it reminds you of me
how we'd never stop
until we'd made music
we felt was truly magical
somehow we always knew
we'd never be quite this good
never stopped us from trying
it was a time of dreaming big
being a twenty-something
it's so easy to do
when the world's your oyster
and you know it's listening
sometimes I long for those days
when the music
was all that mattered
when it seemed a lot easier
to do without
when a sacrifice needed to be made
for the music
when I couldn't go to bed
with an idea stuck in my head
that needed to get out
sometimes all I needed
was to get out of the house
hit a club
dance the night away
can't help but long for those days
when the only thing that mattered
was the music

I can't help but feel love

I feel love
just being here with you
you catching up
on your schoolwork
me washing some clothes
here we are in our home
our place to just be
you and me
on monday afternoon
the first day of spring
the day you finally got
your wedding ring
after the stone fell out months ago
so happy you've got it
back on your finger
all shiny and new
here we are together
facing the world together
not such a daunting task
with you by my side
I feel love
just having you here
filling me up
with so much love
I can't help but write about it
I can't help but smile about it
I can't help but feel love

beautiful days

what a beautiful day is
how beautiful it is
how deeply it affects you
it's all perspective
you have the power
to change your perspective
if you really want to
get more out of life
see the world
with less-jaded eyes
realize those sunny days
won't always be here
need to remember
how good they make you feel
when ugliness
makes its presence known
it need not stay any longer
than it has to
for once it's overstayed its welcome
even the most beautiful day
will just seem like any other
once it's gone
it may feel like forever
before another comes 'round again
so I'll never take
a single one of those beautiful days for granted
'cause very few things have the power
to make me feel as good as they do

I am the sun and the sun will shine again

you cross all the Ts
and dot all the Is
have all your ducks
lined up in a row
it's all systems go
still nothing happens
the world doesn't care
how prepared you were
the world doesn't care
what you have to say
when you're past
your sell-by date
it's stale at best
it belongs to yesterday
still there's some that will say
it was really, really great
thankful for the few
put on the planet
to make you feel
like everything wasn't
a complete waste of time
it's never a complete
waste of time
just like no one is ever
a complete waste of space
there's a time and place
for everything and everyone
when it's all said and done
it's hard to savour
that brief moment in the sun
when all it ever seems to do is rain
but deep down I know
I am the sun
and the sun will shine again