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of appetite
of interest
of sex drive
of energy
of lust for life
of all the things about youth
that made me feel
so completely alive
sometimes I'm at a loss for words
but these days just putting pen to paper
is enough to make me feel
like I'm not a complete lost cause
my body still
has the ability to heal
I still have the ability to feel
when a song about love
plays on the radio
there I go
balling my eyes out
and I'm reminded
I haven't become too hardened
by this stone-cold world
still feel things just as deeply
as this sensitive soul-searcher
ever could

a beacon of light and of love

waiting for the words to come
waiting for the clouds to make way
for the sun
a game you need to be
good at playing
for you can't always have things
when you want them
wait and wait
can never be sure
if you'll ever get a taste
of the good stuff
in the meantime
need to make the most of things
take every opportunity you have
to show yourself
in the very best light
from sunrise to sundown
focus on being
someone any mother
could be proud of
a beacon of light and of love

being thankful

It's throwback Thursday
in fact these days
every Thursday is throwback Thursday
is every Friday
flashback Friday too
living in the past
is it all we can do
when the state of things
makes everything seem
like it's virtually impossible
to get through
unless we've got something
to look forward to
some words of wisdom
some source of inspiration
someone else has shared
even if it's the same thing
year after year
sometimes we see
how far we've come
other times we wonder
how we could be so dumb
as to make the same mistakes
over and over again
there's a certain restlessness
I'm feeling right now
like all those trees and flowers
still waiting to bloom
know I need to wait
just a little longer
just want it all in its full glory
right here right now
know how beautiful it will be
know how free that beauty
makes me feel
when everything is in full bloom
there's no place I'd rather be
than right here
being thankful
soon there will be so much beauty
surrounding me

a little shameless promotion

Just like many of you out there, I have many homes on the net. This one you've visited and hopefully will keep visiting is mostly filled with my poetry. I do also write music from time to time and in the 90s had a band called Red Velvet Swing which made its mark on the Vancouver lounge scene back then.

In recent years, I have ventured into the world of acting and should you want to be 'in the know' in regards to what I'm doing creatively in both music and acting realms I invite you to check out my Facebook Artist Page and follow me there.

Of course, I would love to have you follow me here as always thanks for reading! It warms my heart to know my words have touched you in some way, shape or form.