a world of possibility

wasted mornings
easier to justify
when it's pouring rain outside
trying not to be morose
closing in on 50
with not a lot to show
for all these years
on planet earth
then again who's keeping track
who's looking back
on all of life's disappointments
besides me
fortunately, I have found love
been resurrected by it
so many more times
than your average joe
it's made my world
a much better place
just by being open to it
letting it wash the blues away
when things didn't work out
like I had hoped they would
I had just enough time
on a wasted morning just like this
to rediscover my bliss
when the future looked grim
all I needed to do
was stop and enjoy the view
never failed to work its magic
when I'd stopped believing
anything was possible
for dreamers like me
there it was again
right in front of me
a world of possibility


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