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easy street

It's taken a while
to get to where I am
just the way it is
for so many things
rarely happens as quickly
as you want it to
but before you know it
you are there looking back
thinking about how well
it all turned out
and it wasn't always that way
there was negativity
there were grey days
there were people who said
guys like me are going nowhere in life
don't be too quick to believe
all those people walking down
the boulevard of broken dreams
where they never get to see
how close they actually were
to easy street


feel like they are sucking
the life out of us
one click at a time
robbing us of so many
special moments
we could be sharing
with family and friends
the ones we are connected to
genetically and through the beauty
of real-life experience
face-to-face joy
face-to-face pain
never let a computer screen
get in the way
of the opportunities you have
to be with the ones you love
never forget how invaluable they are
for who they are
rather than all the things
they want you to like about them
on social media
where everyone knows
how rare it is for the truth
to reign supreme

go where the day takes you

that end of summer feeling
it came early this year
listening to Glen Campbell
thinking about endings
thinking about goodbyes
how hard they can be to say
how quickly seasons come and go
especially seasons like summer
they bring us together
in so many wonderful ways
stop me from getting too serious
with all their sunny days
remind me how beautiful
the world can be
when a season like summer dictates
a little spontaneity
you best go where the day takes you

please don't take our sunshine away

please don't take
our sunshine away we say
as so many fires
continue to burn
throughout our province
the smoky skies a reminder
of how quickly everything
can be taken away
by the carelessness
of those who don't seem to give
a damn about others
it's friday afternoon
the long weekend upon us
the pinnacle of summer
here in Vancouver
everyone taking to the streets
to celebrate Pride
thankful there are enough people out there
who give a damn about us
give a damn
about the kind of world
we want our kids to grow up in
a world where they always
have something to be happy about
even when skies are grey