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the key is to write it down
when it's fresh in my mind
an uncomplicated life I lead
doesn't stop me from hitting
a brick wall from time to time
too many heavy burdens we carry
too often it's not even our own shit
get to thinking about
some of the complicated lives
my friends lead
the secrets we keep
eat at us a little more
with each new day
and it all used to be so simple
some think this is all part
of what we now call adulting
the truth is some of us are just better
at keeping it together
better at leaving the day behind
never forgetting we aren't expected
to be perfect every second of the day
just need to be the best version of ourselves
and never give too much of ourselves away

Are you really living life?

is it just a list
you check things off of
a series of accomplishments
you brag about
a forum for you
a ladder to climb
something you don't
give a shit about
'til you're running out of time
like to think
it's what you make it
connecting the dots
of all the magical moments
you create
like to think
the best life has to offer
is not contained on some list
but rather in what you did with it
in those times you felt
totally free
as free as free can be

the human condition

living in a world
where if you're not doing
exactly what you want
being entertained sufficiently
having your needs
continuously met
you are bored
don't like what a selfish place
this world is becoming
putting others needs before ours
something we constantly
need to be reminded to do
put it on a poster
maybe then people will start
trying to be more aware of others
be a little less self-absorbed
still it feels like future generations
will just let it slide
the human condition in a state
of constant disrepair
how will it ever get better
in a world where no one ever
seems to care

lazy sundays

lazy Sundays
brilliant they are
decadent too
for in a 24/7 society
there's so little downtime
time to unwind
time not to worry
you should be doing more
being all you can be
living up to the high expectations
of our 24/7 society
isn't there somewhere you need to go
some place you need to be
how dare you look so untidy
in a world where perfection
is expected every second of the day
good thing you're going
nowhere fast
in a beautifully imperfect
lazy Sunday kind of way

a one-in-a-million kind of love

they'd forgotten
today was their anniversary
54 years is a long, long time
so many things we forget
along the way
too busy living our lives
but we've got to remember
we're in this love together
when we are at our best
we are giving it
all we've got
we are each other's everything
it's so much more
than our one big day
it's about all the little things
we do for each other
throughout the year
never giving it a second thought
that's how I know we've got a shot
at forever
and I know that's
a one-in-a-million kind of love