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lost in his soulful vibe

mind officially blown
listening to the deeply soulful vibe
of the music of Leon Ware
it's like he finished what Marvin started
an invitation into a sensual world
where love always rules
where it's crazy to think
anything else could
make you feel quite as good
so easy to get lost in his
soulful vibe
lose track of time
forget where you are, who you are
and just let your imagination run wild

there in spirit

trying to see Christmas
through the eyes of a child
not so easy these days
so much has changed this year
many of the past traditions
no longer remain
and there's a part of us
wishes everything
would stay the same
sometimes it's enough
to be there in spirit
know all our loved ones
are feeling the love
with or without us
thankfully I still get
to experience Christmas
through your loving eyes
see the beauty in the giving
all the joy it brings
Christmas will never be
what it once was
but the magic is still there
I can still feel it
I can still feel
all the love

the powers of the mind

think you are somewhere in there hiding in the fog and when it clears I will find you  staring back at me asking me why I struggle at times when it's so easy to see comes down to looking  at the words on the page realizing all the world is my stage when I need it to be I can always go deep inside when I need an escape from reality nothing is impossible  believing fully in the powers of the mind