living in a world of possibilities

journal in my lap
Maysa on the stereo
wondering what 2018 has in store
this much I know
that world of possibilities still exists
just like the dreams of youth
that have the power to take me everywhere
lately I've had feelings of guilt
creep back into my life
feelings of guilt for not being as busy
as society expects me to be
all this time I have to spend on me
don't always use that time wisely
there I go again feeling guilty as hell
you and I both know all too well
what a huge waste of time
those kinds of feelings can be
for I am worthy of all the blessings
life affords me
struggled for too long working all the time
nothing to show for it
back then I was caught in a cycle of feeling
that was my lot in life
most certainly back then at the end of the 20th century
pessimism had a serious hold on me
thought there wasn't much I could do about it
fortunately for me in the 21st century
I made the choice to be happy
whenever I felt overwhelmed by life
I knew everything would be ok
once I decided I was ready to surrender myself
to the power of positivity
here in 2018 it's as powerful as ever
here to remind me as long as I've got it
radiating through me
there's plenty of amazing things in store
putting no limits on the immeasurable pleasures
this beautiful life can bring
sometimes just when you think that's all there is
there's actually so much more for you and me
living in a world of possibilities


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